California Inland Fisheries Foundation Inc. (CIFFI) continues its mission to assure the future of California's fisheries through the education of our youth.

During the December 2001 general meeting, Department of Fish and Game’s Senior Fisheries Biologist Bruce Lee approached CIFFI asking for assistance in obtaining a water chiller for the Livermore High School Forestry/Aqua Culture class. He introduced Mr. Kirkendall, teacher of the class, and seven of his students and explained the classes’ objective. Mr. Kirkendall stated that the class already had two five hundred gallon tanks that were used last year for a warm water species program. He requested CIFFIs assistance in obtaining the necessary water chiller and pump in order for the class to have a cold water species program. Dennis Lee spoke very highly of the program and stated that DFG has committed to providing the fish.

The board of directors responded to this worthwhile project in a pro-active manner. Director Tom Jones approached a manufacture of the water chiller educating them on the nature of CIFFI and this high school project. The manufacture responded by providing the necessary equipment at a reduced cost. Under the agreement, CIFFI will retain ownership of the equipment and it will be on loan to the school for as long as it was needed.

On January 28, 2002, CIFFI Pres. Rod Browning, Vice Pres. Frank San Marco, Board Members Clarence Romine and Chuck Dunham, and other CIFFI members, presented the water chiller to the class and its teacher, Mr. Kirkendall. The California Dept of Fish and Game supplied a load of trout stock. Assisted and guided by the DFG personnel, the students measured, tagged and recorded each fish prior to placing them into the tanks to monitor growth rates as the program progresses.

Eventually the class will attempt to raise Kokanee and King Salmon fingerlings in the chilled tanks to a much larger size than can in done in warmer water. These future studies would assist the Fish and Game biologists in gathering valuable insight as to the feasibility of larger-scale chilled Kokanee/King Salmon rearing.

"We were impressed by the interest and enthusiasm of these students." said Frank San Marco, Vice President of CIFFI. “Many of these students are planning to further their education in wildlife programs at such colleges as Humboldt State and UC Davis.”

The Board of Directors wishes to thank all members and sponsors for supporting this organization in it fundraising activities. Projects like this could not exist without you!

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