California Inland Fisheries Foundation Inc. was chartered as a Non-profit corporation in 1992 by a small group of involved individuals desiring to improve the fisheries of Kokanee Salmon, a renewable resource. These pioneers created Project Kokanee, the first co-operative venture in fisheries improvement, and entered into a partnership with the California Department of Fish and Game.

Volunteers assisted in egg-taking, freeing Fish and Game employees for other duties. Money raised from events, contributions and grants was used to purchase needed equipment to be donated to hatcheries. It worked!

CIFFI membership continues to grow annually. Project Kokanee has been joined by Project King Salmon and Project Rainbow Trout, and over 18 million fingerlings have been planted during the past eighteen years. Amazingly, all this was accomplished with a payroll of $0.00. All work is performed by volunteers, and all funds raised go directly into resource improvement and awareness. It still works!