California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc. has a board of directors who govern the daily aspects of the organization. We are a non-profit organization registered with the State of California and the Federal Government. There are no paid employees and everyone volunteers their time and efforts to help enhance the fisheries within the State of California for now and the future.


Office Name
Executive Director Sep Hendrickson
President Garry Erck
Vice President Don Nevis
2nd Vice President Sunny Lampe
Secretary Dave Hurley & Marilyn Hendrickson
Treasurer Don Nevis
Membership Trish Nevis
Director Marilyn Hendrickson
Director Gary Voet
Director Matt Hilbrink
Director Mark Kalinowski
Director Witt Finger
Director David Hurley
Director Allan Grossman


Committee  Chairman
Collins Derby Don Nevis 
Sacramento ISE Mark Kalinowski
Sacramento Boat & RV Show Mark Kalinowski
Annual Dinner Garry Erck
Facebook Garry Erck
Membership Trish Nevis
Web Site Wendy Carrington