The California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc. (CIFFI) is proud to be a major sponsor of the YOUTH OUTDOOR SPORTS FAIR (YOSF). The fair is hosted by Western Outdoor News (WON) in conjunction with the International Sportsman’s Exhibition (ISE) shows held each January in San Mateo and Sacramento. The YOSF is WON’s concept of how to get more youngsters and adults involved in the outdoors by providing a free venue where nothing is for sale, there are no sale pitches, and where children 12 and under can experience a variety of hands-on, interactive outdoor activities— especially related to hunting and fishing.

In addition to CIFFI, major sponsors of the YOSF include Wilderness Unlimited fishing lake,National Rifle Association air gun range,Bowhunter's Educational Foundation archery range,California Waterfowl Association, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Western Outdoor News also arranges with sponsors to provide cash and product to defray expenses and provide tangible outdoor items for every youngster who attends the show. In total, outdoor gear valued in excess of $30,000 is given away during the fairs.

Attendance at the YOSF has grown from 1,500 at the initial fair in 1993 to well over 30,000 at this past year’s fairs. The positive outdoor experience the youngsters enjoy is immediately evident to anyone who steps into the Youth Outdoor Sports Fair.